Super bowl Sunday...

Super bowl Sunday was great! Of course it was Sunday so i went to church. Las Flores Church of the Nazarene, this church has the greatest view of any church i have ever been to. I didn't get a picture but you can see the ocean from their patio! Amazing.
Good start to Super bowl Sunday.

Then Andrea and i went to the beach for a couple hours... that's right my friend from IL, who are in 10 degree temp, the beach! It was beautiful. It got into the 80's, Absolutely AMAZING!!!

Then we went to a little super bowl part (I like to call it a super bowl soiree, sounds way cooler). I got to watch the Bears lose! I have to admit I was little pulled during the start of the game but in hindsight I am pretty glad they lost. Despite being from Illinois I’m still a Vikings fan through and through!

It was one of the best super bowl Sundays to date!!!
Gotta love California!

Shalom in Cali

PS: here is a couple super bowl  Sunday pics! Enjoy!!!