Some more Jesus Camp thoughts…

Here is what I do for a living; I travel around and speak to students (primarily) about Jesus and the way, I believe, he teaches us to live life. I call this message revolutionary because I believe the Way of Jesus is just that, revolutionary, it’s different, it’s a 180, a counter cultural movement of sorts.

With that said, I am still thinking about Jesus Camp because I live in Jesus camp. I go from camp, to camp, to camp where Jesus is the focus and the  topic of conversation.

This weekend I am with Westchester Church of the Nazarene & Bridge Way Church of the Nazarene. There are about 70 or 80 teens I think, most of them seem know the church lingo and all the bible stories,  they seem to be “good kids” who have been “indoctrinated” with the evangelical life style or something.

During worship we sing songs to God, something I believe to be valuable. The worship band is pretty good and we sing about things like, “the blood of Jesus that washes our sins,” and “running into marvelous light” ”making a joyful noise to God” and other things like that. We clap, jump around (at least the rowdy ones do) and raise our hands. We do what we call worship.

This movie, Jesus Camp, is showing a lot of the things that typically happen when I go places. Now we don’t speak in tongues, or fall out because we are “slain by the Spirit” but our worship to many would still be pretty “weird”. I am not of the opinion that we live in a “Christian nation” or that president Bush is God’s chosen man or something like that. I would never even think of speaking to kids about being apart of the Army of God and taking back OUR nation for Christ or something like that but these aren’t uncommon things for me to hear. Extreme? Maybe. Fundamentalist, for sure.  Wrong? I don’t know. 

I think there is a big difference between the faith of the people depicted in this movie and my own faith in Jesus and his way but I still need to learn to love and respect these fundamentalist Christian the same way I need to love and respect Muslim, Atheists and other people who think differently than I. I need to love and respect them because I believe this to be the way of Jesus.

Some might still think of me and my Jesus camps as crazy, Christian, brain washing camps but others will think of them as liberal, non-biblical, gatherings. Maybe a real Jesus follower won’t please anybody since Jesus didn’t but we will walk this narrow road anyway, loving and serving and giving our lives away.

Just some more thoughts