Salsa: FAILED! Now I am in shorts…

Well my girlfriend talked me into going salsa dancing last night. The problem lies in the fact that she has been taking lessons for a month or two and I don’t have a clue!

Now I would like to think I am fairly coordinated and I thought, “if I can go and observe for 20 or 30 minuets I can probably get some basics down.” There were also lessons for the first hour + of the evening and I thought, “for sure I can get down some basics with an hours of lessons.” Well we didn’t exactly make it to the lessons. “We” were running late (her friends) and we made it for the last 20 minuets of the lessons. Andrea (my girl friend) wanted me to jump right in, I just wanted to watch, she got mad! I feel like me jumping in for the last 20 minuets of the lessons (having no clue) is kinda rude to the people who actually got there on time and are practicing for the actually dancing that is about to go down. (You rotate partners, so I would have been stepping on people who had been practicing for an hour already.) But once the dancing started I tried to go out with Andrea and learn a few steps, do a few of steps that I caught while watching. SALSA IS HARD!!!

So yea, my girl friend was upset with me for my lack of salsa skills and probably just disappointed that she didn’t get to dance, since she has been taking lessons and was wanting to put the skills to the test.

Gentelmen, I felt like this was one I couldn’t win… HELP, I need some good man advice in these kind of circumstance. I mean salsa in hard but relationships are even harder. And once again, I don’t have a clue!!!  Luckily I think she loves me or I would have no hope!

Salsa: FAILED!!!

Shorts: ROCKING!!!

The redemption comes today though, it’s 67 degrees out!!! And tomorrow it’s supposed to get up to 77’ -- amazing!!!  So I am sitting on a little patio outside of a coffee shop, rocking my shorts and
soaking in the sun! Tomorrow I am hitting the beach and then watching the super bowl!!!  That sounds like a stellar day for sure!

Getting tan