Retraction and my latest scary movie…

Well I have got some mixed responses to my latest post, “Mauled Midgets”. And in my defense I called this crazy story sad because is it. In the reality of it, this is a sad scene but most of us would watch a movie with an extended scene of midgets fighting a lion and getting mauled only to laugh hysterically at the ridiculousness of such a scene, the sad thing about this article was that  it’s a true story.

So yea, I am not advocating the CMFL, animal abuse / fighting, or any mixture of the two. That’s my retraction of sorts.

And now for a couple scary movies…

The first movie I was The Messengers. Yea it was really good! I love a good scary movie and this one qualified. The ending was not the strongest but a strong to quite strong movie non-the less.

The second scary movie was Jesus Camp. Now I have some mixed feeling about it, I think a camera could follow me around and make me look like a religious freak as well but I’ll just say they did a good job of that in this movie.

Conservative / fundamentalist Christians are not a new story, charismatic movements and manifestations are also nothing new but as you watch this movie and realize the extent to which it goes, I can’t help to wonder, what does the world think of Jesus? And what does Jesus think of Christians?

I’m really still thinking through this a little bit but some of the dilemmas for me are:

Christian nation: should this be something we strive for as followers of Jesus? Do we want something like world dominance or should our aim be something very different as we follow Jesus?
What is the hope in the here and now?
--Connected with--
The Republican Party: I’m actually working on a post that has to do with this issue but I do think it’s fair to say that God’s not a republican but so many Christian would disagree. How do we talk about this? I think we need to disconnect American and the Kingdom of God and realize God’s agenda doesn’t start or end with the U.S. it’s so much bigger.

(I feel like I could go on a huge tangent right here but I will hold back. Maybe later but for now what do you think?)

Other dilemma’s have to do with;
Training our children, is everybody indoctrinate in one way or the other? Is that a bad thing?
Relating to our world, should we be seen as different or even weird? Do we to often fall into the status quo and lose our "otherness"? How should we relate and how should we be other or different?

There are a handful of other thoughts this movie provoked, I’m still chewing.

Be Peace, show love!