Prime Time Jr. High...

PRIMETIME!!!  This is a youth conference / retreat for a group of churches, primarily in the Chicago land area. In February we have a Jr. High Prime Time and then in March we will have a Sr. High Primetime. I spoke for both of these events last year and then I am again this year. Jr. high down, Sr. high to go!

Jr. high was really good! We had a great time focusing on a few characters from the Old Testament; Abraham, Jacob, and Moses. The students were very responsive and we have a great commitment service.

My real hope for these Jr. high / middle school students is that they would get into the Bible, that they would start to read and grow and find themselves in this story that is a story of ordinary people leaning to follow and love God. The story that is the scripture is the story that is ours, we all need to get a hold of that! I think we took a positive step toward that this weekend.

Here is the link to the PRIMETIME myspace, there is a really sweet video that a kid made (kudos Eugene). Watch and enjoy!

Grace and Peace

PS: I will publish some "Prime Time Pics" soon! Stay tuned!!!