Moron with my house in a cage, and I can’t even pray…

Well many people know this but I’m a moron and every once in awhile it catches up to me. On my latest world wind tour it caught up to me in a big way.

The lastest world wind tour consisted of; Chicago IL, Freeport IL, Howell MI, Lowell IN, St. Louis MO, and Kansas City KS. So yea, that’s 5 states and 6 cities in 2 weeks, craziness I tell you!  But that’s not even the stupid part.

The part that is the stupid, the moronic part is the part where I left my car parked on a city street with the tags 3 -4 years over due. So really the moronic, irresponsible part of the story is that my tags had expired in 2004 but let’s put that aside for the moment and listen to the heart-breaking part of the story.

I was sitting in a mildly smoky establishment for Fat Tuesday when I listened to my messages, one recording my girl friend frantically saying, “Erik as soon as you get this you need to call me, I need to talk to you, call me right away.” So of course I think, “O gee what is going down, what’s wrong, who or what is dead”. Well come to find out my home, a.k,a. my car was in lock up, it had been towed!!!

I rolled into town on Thursday night and spent the entire day Friday trying to figure out how to free my house / car. I spent about 2 hours at the DMV ($81), I spent 30 - 45 minutes the Police Department ($60 -- processing fees), And I spent 45 minutes trying to find the towing place and another 45 minutes trying to get my car out ($499).

So $640 dollars (that I don’t have) later my car / house is free and I am driving legally for the first time in a few years. This has totally strapped me for cash. I am in the middle of trying to find a REAL house to live in so that I don’t have to live out of my car like I have been doing for the last 10 months. But my rent is going to be about $500 or $600 dollars a month. First months rent, PAYED, to the freaking towing place.

And I am finding it hard to pray about all this crap because it is TOTALLY my stupid fault. If I were God I wouldn’t listen to some stupid kid like me. If I wasn’t so stupid and irresponsible (in just this one little instance) I would be totally fine but now, once again I am going to have to eat Ramón noodles and mac and cheese for the next month. Oh well, I’ve done it before and will probably do it again. What’s new!

But for now, I am rolling again, poor and homeless. Gotta love it!!!

Be Peace

PS: if you want to help the cause you are welcome to toss some cash my way...