Money & “I need more”…

Can we ever be satisfied with the amount of money we make or are we always just going to want more? I run into people all the time, people who make 20, 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars a year and at any given moment you can hear them all say “I’m broke.” I know people who make millions (plural) and I have never heard them say I’m broke but the way they live would insinuate (in most cases) that there is a pressure to maintain and  even increase their wealth. It seems that in our world there is a pressure to make money money, make money money, MONEY (great rap song).

(so I ask the question…)
Will we ever be satisfited.

Some of the most satisfied people I have ever met are people I have met at JPUSA (Jesus People U.S.A.) or guys like Shane Claiborne. I was able to spend some time with Shane and I was very impressed with this attitude and his gentle, non-judgmental spirit. He seemed pretty satisfied with life and what he had. Now I am not necessarily an advocate for everybody moving into a big house and literary sharing everything like they do at The Simple Way (where Shane lives) or like they do at JPUSA. I do think there is something beautiful in that but more then the actual doing is the principal and the heart behind these actions.

The book of Acts talks about Jesus followers that sell all they have and give to the poor, they pool their resources and share all of life together. (Acts  2:44&45) this is an amazing thing and we need to learn to live this life in our consumer driven western culture. The story of Ananias and Sapphira might give us some motivation. But read verse 3&4 (chapter 5) and let me know what you think. Maybe this way that early Jesus followers were living is way more doable than we think.

All I know is that I want to be on the journey of learning to give away more and more of my “stuff” and I want to learn to live with my hands turned up and everything in them available to the needy. I think this is the way of Jesus as crazy or revolutionary as it might be. And this is a way of simplicity, contentment, and gratitude. Like I said, I think it is the way of Jesus.

So will we every satisfied?
If we follow Jesus and live out his teaching, YES!