My post below describes my lent experience so far and some other thoughts but I also want to invite you to join me on this journey that is Lent. One friend told me that in the Orthodox Church they wait till Sunday to start their lent practices and then they just go 40 straights days till Easter instead of taking off Sundays to make it 40 days. So yea, it’s not to late. If nothing else we invite you to join us in our Lenten readings and to join in conversation during this valuable time of the Christian calendar.

(this link will take you the CSRevolution on line community and the Lent reading page)


PS: Here are a couple links to help you learn more about lent;
#1. Ash Wednesday @ Wikipedia
#2. Lent @ Wikipedia
#3. The Catholic Encyclopedia on Lent
#4. Another Lent explanation page that was decent
#5. Googel LENT

So there are your top five links to Lent, learn and enjoy!