Digging my way out…

Well I have pretty much been out of pocket for the last (almost) 2 weeks. With travel time, a retreat in Michigan, a conference in Kansas City and spending time with my girlfriend who I was not with on Valentines day (lots of making up to do for that one -- I think I have done a good job but you will have to ask her -- my girlfriends blog). But yea, I feel buried in stuff. Blogs to write, e-mails to respond to, car to free (read last blog), movie scripts to write, websites to updates, books to write, books to read… Oh my gosh, as I write this freaking blog I keep thinking of more and more stuff I have to do. I’m just trying to dig my way out! I’ll get there. Until then, know I have about 5 blogs i am wanting to write, hopefully they will be coming your way soon. 

For now here are my Top 5 “to do-s”:
(how do you spell “do-s” as in “to do-s”? hmmm???) 

#5. Catch up on e-mail.
I get about 100+ e-mails a day. Most of them are junk mail but on a busy day half of them I actually need to respond to. That’s probably not that bad but it seems like a lot to me! And after 10 days or so of not being able to respond really, I have a lot O e-mailing to do!

#4. Update my websites.
I have like 500 websites, ok, I really only have like 5 but in the scheme of things that’s a lot. A couple of those sites are just blogs (which will be #3 -- keep reading you’ll see). But the 2 real websites I have, both need updating ( CSRevolution.org   &  erikwillits.com) along with my MYSPACE ministry account. I really need to get that thing dialed in. That’s a lot of freaking website deals to mess with. We’ll get it done sooner or later.

#3. Blogs to write.
I have 4 different blogs going currently and I really need to write on all of them right now. Erikwillitsblog.com is this blog… I have like 3 or 4 posts I need to get down and post in the next week or two. Community planting.com is a blog I co-write with Todd Maberry, I need to write a few things for that. I have this photo blog I am doing this year, dePICtion, I need to post some pictures and write a post for that deal. And I have a poetry blog (only I read) but it’s a cool outlet for me to attempt to be creative. I have some things I would like to express on that deal as well. And maybe one day I will get brave enough and make it public but for now, it’s just for me. But yea, that’s a lot of freaking writing!

#2. I have a movie script to write.
I will be filming a short film in about 2 weeks in Chicago. I really need to sit down and write the full script. I have ideas and an outline written out but I need to nail down the rest of it. I am kinda nervous about the project but really excited at the same time. I am working with Eugene Lynn / HitForm FIlms on the project and am really stoked about what we are going to get done. Should be sweet, I’ll keep you posted.

#1. Books to write.
I have started writing a couple books. That’s write folks, the kid who doesn’t know how to spell, no less write is trying to write book(S) plural. There is a large probability that both of my manuscripts will SUCK but I am going to give it a shot anyway. I have a bit done on the one and an out-line for another. My goal is to write at least one hundred pages during the month of March. I think for a real writer that is probably cake, for me that’s a really daunting task. We’ll see. But hey I am now officially friends with the Burnside Writers Collective. Oh yea, I’m on my way!!! Donald Miller here I come!


That’s my list. Hopefully I get to it and getter done!

Be Peace