Another quote / Phil is a stud…

Well this is another quote from Philip Yancey’s book on prayer. Ummm… yea, it’s good! REAL GOOD!!! (i'm almost done)

[ He also has a cool website, check it out -- Philip Yancey ]

I have spent the last year or so looking into the art of prayer, the practice of prayer, the discipline of prayer… whatever you want to call. I felt / feel like prayer is a constant struggle for me so I have decided to constantly give myself to hearing what others are saying on the topic. So I have read probably a dozen books by now on the topic and continue to pickup useful insight around every corner. I’m still not a expert pray-er but I am on a journey and that journey starts everyday with, “Lord, teach me to pray”. 

Here’s Phil’s quote. He is a stud for sure and his book on prayer is probably #1 on my top 5 all time best books that are pondering prayer.
(I’ll give you the entire list sometime soon)

“If relating to another person proves so resistant to formulaic advice, how much more does this relate to God? The secret to keeping company with God will likely not be found in a new set of tapes, another book, a different preacher, a weekend seminar.” (p159)

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