My New Years Resolutions or something…

Well I have decided to make a few resolutions this year. I usually don’t bother because they usually end up just being a list of wishful thinking, soon to be failures that will only discourage me in the long run. But this year I am gaining a new perspective on the idea…

I have decided to do a little self-examination, talk with God a little, see what he thinks and then make a list.

You see I have been reading the OT and just finish Exodus. One of the things that really popped out to me was this desire in the heart of God for his people to be free. He tells Moses that he wants to lead his people out of the land they were in, a land that consisted of oppression, slavery and limited life because of the Egyptians. God tells Moses that he wants to lead his people out, out of slavery and oppression and into a land of wide open fields, flowing with milk and honey, the good stuff!

What are you in slavery to? What are the things that hold you captive and oppress you?

I wonder if we were to look at a list of the most common new years resolutions if we wouldn’t find the answer to the above question?

You see I think the things we are enslaved to in this day are things like debt, poor eating habits, addictions of all sorts, busyness of life and a desire to have all the stuff the people on the TV have. These things are our enslavers. And I think the typical list of new years resolutions represents everyday people wishing they could be free, free from debt, from unhealthy lifestyles, free from the pressures of worldly success, etc.

What if this year our lists represented something more. What this year we made a list that was inspired by a little self-examination and spiritual guidance. What if this year our resolutions were something more, what if they were a RE-Exodus list, a list of ways we were going to follow God into freedom, into wide open fields, into life abundant life!

God tells Moses the sign that this Exodus was lead by the God of the Hebrews will be that when the Israelites are free they will worship! Worship is the sign that we have been freed by God. Maybe worship is the reason for freedom? 

God want to free you this year! Free you to live an abundant, full life, a life where you can worship!

Let’s go make a list!!!

Be Peace