Isn't She Beautiful...

Well i went to a conference at Mars Hill and heard Rob Bell and checked out there digs, very cool!
My friend Todd Maberry and I have a conversation going on here -->

I am posting my top 5 conference observation there and would love for you to join the conversation!

Here is a Side Note to Isn't She Beautiful...
(my most recent post on that site)

Well i am finding that there are a ton of people talking about the Isn't She Beautiful conference / Mars Hill / Rob Bell.

One dude who i read fairly often is Brian Orme, he is bloggin stud (if there is such a thing as a blogging stuff and not a blogging nerd, i haven't decided yet. I say that as one trying to figure out if he is a nerd or not). Brian is sharing some of his Journal entries, conference notes and sketches, and just some of his thoughts. Pretty good stuff so far, check it out!

Here is a list of people conversing on ISB...

Community Planting (Erik Willits & Todd Maberry)
-- That's us!
Brian Orme
-- Blogger extraordinaire
-- I found her blog off of Brian's. She has a better list than I of people who are talking about the conference. And we made the list!!! Oh yea!!!
-- He actually hasn't much yet but he said he is going to & i met him at the conference and he said he would, so maybe the posts are marinading, as Rob Bell would say.
-- This is some dudes blog, my girlfriend told me about him. He has posted a ton on the conference and seems to have some good thoughts. I haven't read them all yet...

Yea do a google search, check out Jamie's blog and her list... 
Lots' of conversation stimulators out there for sure!

Be Peace