I want a covenant, a conversation…

Have you ever felt like you have been forgotten or at least left alone for awhile? Something along those lines at least? Have you ever had such a deep desire to spent time with God, to have one of those “covenant relationships” with the God of Abraham but it just seems like it doesn’t work that way anymore or something?

AHHHHHH!!!  (that’s more of a yell and sigh at the same time…)
I have! I do!

I was just reading the story of Abraham yet again and noticed the REAL relationship they have. It’s not most high and lowly but it’s friends, it’s let’s chat despite my otherness and your humanity, despite our obvious socio-economic differences (I mean really, most high king, kinda the owner / creator of the world and Abraham, wondering dude with only a wife, no kids. In his day that would translate to poor.) Yet they were tight!  Abram / Abraham asked hard, demanding, seemingly doubt filled questions and God was cool with it. Abraham laughed in God’s face, “yea, right your going to do that! Ha ha ha, I’m like a hundred years old.”  (He was really only 99). God just replied, “Come on dude, aren’t we friends, don’t you trust me? This is what I am going to do! Promise.”

“And when he (God) was done talking with him (Abraham), God went home.”
Genesis 17:22
(my translations above…)

HOW FREAKEN COOL IS THAT! They finished chatting and God just went home! I want to chat with God like that. To feel that reality and comfortability in my conversation (prayer) with God. I want that covenant relationship with God.

I know all the right answer; you have it blab la bla, Just spend time reading your bible and in prayer bla bla bla. Yea I know that (and it’s true, I believe, I think) and I understand I need to put in some effort, I need to do my part of the relationship (which I don’t often do) but good night, I just want to chat with God in such a real way He gives me a hug when we are done talking and says, “talk to ya soon bro” and goes on his way. I want that reality in my prayer life.

Which is probably why I pray about every day, “teach me to pray!”

I am reading Philip Yancey’s book, “Prayer: Does it Make Any Difference?” It’s really really good! I will give you more commentary on it as I read more but these are my thoughts for this day.

Learning to pray