Hungry for community…

I really believe we were created to live our days together, to share all of life together... to be community! And to be honest with you I am hungry for it!!!

I have worked at a little church in Oregon IL for the month but most of my work has either been preaching or getting other things together. It was December, everyone one was busy including myself and I didn’t get much time just to build relationships with the people at the church (I wish I would have). I didn’t get much time to cultivate or participate in community on the ground level.

I actually lived in Freeport for the month, 34 miles from the church and town I was working in.

The good think about being in Freeport is that my mother lives in Freeport, the bad think about being in Freeport is that my mother lives in Freeport!  ;-)  Maybe you understand what I’m saying.
But really the bad thing about Freeport is that I have no community. I know people and people know me but I don’t share life with them.  We speak nice churchy words to each other on Sunday and maybe have a meal here or there but I don’t know what they are like in “real” life and they don’t know what I am like. I don’t call them to hang out or to talk about life and it’s impediments.

To be honest with you, life for me is REALLY hard when I lack community!
Maybe the best word to describe it is… depressing!

So yea, i am a little depressed these days.

I guess I am ready to unpack, move out of my car (which I have lived in since May) and into an apartment or something. I’m ready to start to put some new roots downs. I lived in Nashville for 2 and a half years, loved every minute of it and miss it more than I can explain. Now I am moving to Southern California, January 24th and am more then ready. I am looking forward to the new friends I will make, the church I will attend… I am looking forward to having a community again! I feel like am starting to starve without it!