To get what you deserve & non-violence...

Well I watched a hanging this morning. That’s right a hanging, like in the olden days, noose and all. You have probably seen it yourself or at least heard about it, Saddam Hussein was executed Saturday. I watched the video of his executioners slipping a noose around his neck in preparation to take his life. Pretty crazy…

2 people told me that they wish he was executed in a more humiliating way, in a way that let all the people he has done wrong to and their families know that he was getting what he deserves.

This got me thinking.
Of course I could say the cliché thing, “what if we all got what we deserve…” but I won’t.

The real question for me is; how does a follower of Jesus respond to this news? The even more central & foundational question that comes up is; how does a follower of Jesus respond to violence?

I don’t know??? I want to be a pacifist, a non-violent revolutionary who lives out the way of Jesus but to be honest that’s not easy. But gesh, the gospel isn’t easy.

“What if someone was raping your wife killing your children?” The classic question for a non-violent revolutionary. I always try to respond by saying, “non-violence is not non-action”  but most people don’t understand and to be honest I am not sure I fully understand the way of non-violence. But to me it seems to be the way of Jesus and I want to be on the journey of living out that way because I believe it is the best way, the way of Jesus.

Rob Bell just did a teaching on the history of non-violence 2 weeks ago, I haven’t listened to it yet but I am looking forward to it! I will let you know my thoughts once I get the chance to listen.

So until then…

Be merciful and live lives of love,
Be Peace
(I’m trying, I’m learning)