The Holiday…

Well I watched a good movie last night (The Holiday). Cheesy? Unrealistic? YES! But in my opinion very good!

Seeing a moving like this makes me want to write; to share the thoughts on my mind, the words on my tongue, the beats of my heart. Hmmm, that’s sounds incredibly corny but you know exactly what I am talking about -- or -- your just making fun of me, which would be ok.

But hear me out…
When you see an image or hear tune (watch a movie), when something at just the right time prompts that all consuming reaction, it brings about some weird physiological effect in your person and you don’t quite understand it, all you know is that something is going on… That’s what I am talking about. Maybe it’s your heart beating an extra beat or a drop of water squeezing it’s way out of your eyeball or even through the palms of your hands. Your legs begins to bounce, your eyes begin to blink, your lip begins quiver, and you find yourself holding your breath. WHY!!! 

Who knows!
Some scientists probably would explain it to you if you would let him but you wouldn’t understand the words he was using or the concepts he was explaining (at least I wouldn’t). But maybe the very fact that he can explain it just might mean he doesn’t understand anyway.

I don’t know, this movie evoked a bunch of great emotions for me. It made me want to write them down, I just wish I was a better writer. I’m working on it...

But yea, you should watch it, The Holiday. Let it do to you what a good movie should, stir you up!


Watching the World, it’s fascinating!