New car, court date & no gas…

Life has been interesting to say the least these last couple days.

#1. I just got a new car, a Subaru Impreza. It’s a little car to get me around when I am back this way (the mid-west way). This car is my first step toward California. I am moving January 6th to California  (let's start counting!!!) but i will be leaving this car in the mid-west so I have something to drive when I come back this way. More on the move later…

#2. I got back into town (Freeport, my “home” town -- if I can call anything that these days). But came back to Freeport for a few reasons, the first being a court date.

Not everybody who ends up going to court is a harden criminal. I mean honestly, this is like my 3rd or 4th time in court and I am an evangelist! I thought about that as I was waiting to stand before the judge, “I bet I am not only the youngest evangelist in the Church of the Nazarene but the one who goes to court the most.” I kept trying not to smile, I didn’t want to get tossed into the joint or something! (i watch Prison Break, i know how bad it is ;-)
I was just there for a couple traffic tickets. It’s over, $260 dollars later it’s over. Who knew not wearing your seatbelt could be so expensive!

#3. I am also back because I working at a church all month. Oregon Church of the Nazarene, “A Place for New Beginnings.” Yea, I am helping out there for the entire month of December, pretty stoked about that. I will preaching a lot, hanging out with the people, hopefully growing with them and leading them to grow as a community.

Good first impression: I was on my way to church yesterday, in my new car, excited about meeting teh people. And about half way there my car sputtered a little. I thought, that’s weird and can’t be good. I looked down and sure enough, NO GAS! Yep, I ran out of gas my first Sunday going to the this church. My new car I found out has no gas light and when it hits the E that means it’s empty, who would have knew!

A great first impression!
A big shout out to Dan for coming to my rescue! He said thanks to me for giving him a blessing! Good times!!!

I am sure I will have much more to share this month, funny stories and more.

Be Peace