A reading of Genesis…

Well I spent the month of  November reading the book of Genesis along with Bruce Feiler’s journey & commentary through the geography of Genesis. It was very interesting and some really fresh things jumped out at me. I am now hoping to read the rest of the Torah along with the rest of the Walking the Bible during the month of December. My schedule is a little more consistent and I will have a little more time to read and think, so that’s my plan.

2 things that I am thinking about…

As I finished reading Genesis and was pondering the story of Joseph 2 things really got me thinking.

#1. Joseph says, “You intended to do harm to me, God intended it for good.” A famous verse that most people use s a Christian cliché, “You meant it for evil God meant it for good…” What a cliché but what is really going on here.

My girlfriend’s father the other day asked me a question (kind of) when he said, “So you don’t believe in the sovereignty of God?” I replied, “No, I do believe in the sovereignty of God but what does it mean that God is Sovereign?”

This little verse turned into cliché makes me ask that question again, what does it mean for God to be sovereign? This might be a post for another day, a long post at that but maybe, just maybe for God to be sovereign means that God holds the world in his hands and in our poorest decisions, in our worst times he reaches into our circumstances and redeems / intentions that which we see as horrible and worthless.

Maybe for God to be sovereign means he can turn the worst intentions of creation or humanity into an event that births the goodness of God. Not that God intended or “willed” the event but he turns an event and intends it for good, because he is sovereign, because he is the “redeemer God.”


Something to think about at least!

#2. Joseph says, “I am about to die, but God will surely come to you, and bring you up out of this land to the land that he swore to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.”

At the time These people, the descents of Jacob, the family of Joseph have incredible favor with Pharaoh and the Egypt but as Bruce Feiler points out, “Joseph predicted the Exodus, which mean that he know his descendant would be enslaved by the pharaoh and then freed by God,” he continues and says, “This was the most power expression of optimism and faith I have ever encountered.”

I have never looked at Joseph as a prophet but maybe he was. It also says that Joseph was embalmed and placed in a coffin in Egypt, something that only the pharaoh’s were did. That’s an interesting fact as well.

Just stuff to think about, stuff to ponder as you learn how to live as a follower of God.

Let the reading continue, Exodus here I come!