A Christmas role reversal…

In all the classic or not so classic Christmas movies (depends on how you look at it) there is always some sort of role reversal.

It always goes like this:
The ghost of Christmas past, some miraculous Christmas angle, or when it’s really a classic movie Santa himself (in some clever disguise of course) comes in and sweeps away the main character placing them in some alternate universe of sorts. This purpose is always so that they can see the errors of their ways, so that they can get a new perspective and realize the “reason for the season” or some other Christmas Cliché.

I watched approximately 15 minuets of one of these classic Christmas movies today (it’s Christmas after all). In this one there is a single young women whos whole life is wrapped around her occupation. She crashes her car only to wake up as a wife, mother, altogether different person. The “spirit” of Christmas has hit again!

My guess is that she realized how great her life could be if she focused less on her career and more on her family and friends. It’s the classic story! It does make you realize how influential the original movies were. I think the name of it was the Christmas Carol, with Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas. Every year they are still making yet another version of that same old movie, pretty crazy if you think about it!

Well I woke up today, Christmas 06’ in my own version of one of these nightmarish Christmas movies.

It went like this:
I awoke to here such…  well nothing, but I was tired and my throat hurt and next thing I know my phone rings. It was my mother calling me to ask, “when are you coming over to open Christmas presents?” So I rolled out of bed showered and all that good stuff and then drove over to my mother house. I proceeded to vacuum for her, help her clean the kitchen a little, checked my myspace of course and then, once she got ready we opened Christmas presents.

Now if history were to repeat it self I would dive in, handing out all the presents then ripping open all the ones with my name on it. (Picture in your  head a little kid with eyes as big has stop lights and paper floating in the air from the mad ripping of Christmas paper – I can picture is but I am having a hard time explaining it!)   But this year it was a little different… I passed out the presents, fairly calmly if I do say so myself. And then my mother ripped into the presents. Maybe not as dramatically as I tried to explain above but she ripped in non the less. She opened her presents and thanked me and said now you open yours. I only had 2 presents to open so I proceeded to open then. I received a very nice bottle of cologne and a pair of sweat pants. I also got a back pack but that came with the cologne, does it really count? Anyway, I received a few other things but they were wrapped or hadn’t come in the mail yet.

Overall it was a very nice morning of opening Christmas presents. I loved what I received and am thankful but it was a role reversal in a real way! As an only child I am accustomed to having the most presents and bugging everybody and their mother (really my mother) to open them. I am used to the anticipation, the frenzy, the piles of paper but things are a changen! And maybe that is a good thing. It kinda makes me look forward to having my own family and my own Christmas tree and my own traditions. But that is an even more drastic role reversal, one I am excited about but certainly not in any hurry for!

The bottom line, Merry Christmas! I hope your and yours have a blessed day!

Lets’ get ready for o7’ !!!

Be Peace