Thanksgiving break & bringing home the girlfriend…

Well I am not in college anymore but often I still feel like I function on a college schedule. Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Easter break, summer break, etc. But yea, I haven’t been in college for awhile but apparently I am still trying to hold on to my youth or something.

Anyway, I just finished thanksgiving break! It was a good one! My girlfriend flew in from California (I flew her it, that’s right, pat me on the back, I’m a good boyfriend, or at least I try {could I use anymore commas,,,}). But it was the infamous “meet the family trip.” It started with a bit of drama but that faded and Andrea and the Willits family had a great time, at least I think we did, but you always wonder what everybody thinks…

***What does the girlfriend think of the family?
***What does the family think of the girlfriend?
***What does the Mother (VIP) think of the girlfriend?

The list questions concerning interpersonal dynamics goes on and on. But from my bias and hopeful perspective, things went as good as they could. And if you know my family and it’s dramatic tendencies that is a thanksgiving miracle!!!

Until the next EVENT, Christmas break!

Be Peace