My Sabbath…

Well yesterday I decided to take a Sabbath, a Shabbat!!! Shabbat (sounds like SHA-BOT) is the Hebrew word, it simply means STOP (and probably a few other things that I don’t know) but it is the idea that you take a holy day to stop your working and regular activities and just rest, relax, remember that it is God’s effort that really give you life and provides for you. And for this we should be grateful, living lives of gratitude.  It’s a day to remember that God provides and you can’t work enough to earn more life or love or grace but you must rely on God.

So yesterday I Stopped, Shabbat!!! It’s not easy for me to stop, I feel like my mind is always thinking about the next thing, the person I need to e-mail, the pastor I need to call, the…  the list goes on. So every week I try to Shabbat (i don't always succceed), just stop my thinking, my working, my efforts and rest and remember that I rely on God’s efforts not my own.

You see God has given us all rhythm. Even those of us who can’t dance and seemingly have no rhythm, God has given you rhythm, deep down… rhythm for life! You see things like a Sabbath, special time and festival time, worship times and quite times… these are the rhythms of life! But to often we think we sustain ourselves, that our efforts are what provides life and keeps things going. God understands this and has given us some rhythm, a song that sings out “the Lord provides”. But we don’t all like that song, some us fight the rhythm, some of us never stop because we feel like if we do the world, our worlds will stop spinning, we forget the song, or maybe we have never taken the time to learn it.

My hope is that I will have faith to live in these rhythms of life, to live to this tune because God teaches us, to believe that it is the best song to dance to, the best way to live. So I try and Shabbat!

On this Shabbat I read a bunch of my book, almost done with High Fidelity. And I watched a few movies; #1. Equilibrium; pretty solid flick, the dude from Batman begins and The Prestige was in it. Pretty good, Matrix esk. #2. Billy Madison; classic! And until I watched it again (for the 10th time probably) I didn’t remember how maybe “quotable” lines there are in it, great flick. #3. Miii (Mission Impossible 3); also a solid flick, keeps ya on the edge the whole time. Good stuff.

That was my mindless, relaxing day! Read some bible, reading through Genesis and just took it easy. Stopping is a good thing!