Homeless & a funny story…

Well I got to thinking last night, I haven’t paid rent since April, I am truly am homeless. I am starting to get a little tired of living out of my car, out of my suitcase and out of a variety of different bags. I think I am ready to unpack my car and have my own bed. This will happen soon enough I suppose. For now, couches it is…

One that is cool about being a drifter is that you find out who your friends are, who your community really is. I have a ton of great friends who have no hesitation about letting me stay at their house, crash on their couch and when I am lucky I even grab a bed.

  • I have a couple great “peeps” in Nashville who have graciously opened their house to me.
  • I have the “Urban dwellers” in Chicago who let me crash on their futon even when Shane Claiborne is also staying the night.
  • I have the “Toolen Party House” in the St. Louis area. Always a party there or at least a good game of UNO.
  • I have the “baby maker house” in Kansas City. Cory, you know what I am talking about. And a few other good couches in KC.
  • I have the “Beach Street Apt.” in San Diego, my personal favorite!  ;-)
  • I have the “Hope House” in Durham, NC -- they moved so I am not sure what the new place will be called but I am sure they have a couch for me… I hope!
  • Of course the home pad in Freeport IL, The Church/Brad Pad in Montgomery AL, the Fowler family fun house in Pittsburg PA, and so many others,  the list goes on and on and on… 

It’s great having so many gracious, hospitable, Jesus following friends all over the country.  Just so you know, when I get a place IT WILL ALWAYS BE OPEN!!! And it looks like my next place will be in San Diego, CA -- If that’s not repayment I don’t know what it! 

But I want you all to know how grateful I am for such kind friends, I sincerely thank you!!!

Now for my funny story…

Last night I was staying on a new couch that my friend Allen graciously made available to me. But about 3 in the morning one of the fellas that live in the house decided to watch some TV so he meandered into the living room and proceeded to sit on the couch. As he tucked his foot under his behind and began to sit he realized and yelled loudly, “There’s a person on the couch, there’s a person on the couch!!!” He immediately, much like a ninja avoiding certain disaster, sprung forward, diving onto the floor and unlike a ninja, spilling his water all over the place. As he laid, sprawled out on the floor, he began to apologize profusely but I couldn’t help but to laugh uncontrollably (much like I am doing right now, awkwardly in the middle of the coffee shop as I write this). It was so incredible funny. Read this again and picture it all in your head, you should then laugh hysterically, it was that funny!

There’s a person on the couch, there’s a person on the couch!!!