Another great weekend & a top 5 list...

Well I had a great weekend with the kids from Lakeholm Church of the Nazarene. It was a little rainy and cold but we had a great time playing cards, spoon, and some more cards. Spoons can be a violent sport but really really fun. And I learned the Nija of the spoons lives in Mount Vernon OH, J-dog aka my friend Joseph. And not to brag but I found out that I am the Nija of phase 10, good times!!!  ;-)
We also  had a great time learning to go deeper with God through bible study, prayer and serving. It was a very SOLID weekend! Hopefully a platform for the students to grow and continue to learn to follow Jesus.

I drove form Nashville to Indy (picked up my buddy Rende) then drove to Ohio. Then back to Indy and now I am in North West Indiana spending some time with my friend Lee / Brad Maize. He’s the director of Cedar Lake Bible Conference, a great camp not to far from Chicago. Good times…

So that’s my life. And nestled into it all I am still reading Walking the Bible and High Fidelity.  And in honor of being almost done with High Fidelity, here is my top 5 most listened to albums while driving in my card this past week;

#5. Eyes Open, Snow Patrol
      Along with their live AOL recording I just bought on i-tunes.
#4. Turn Around, Jonny Lang
      His new one I just got that is really really good and borderline Christian.
#3. Strange and Beautiful, Aqualung
#2. Someone to Tell, Ari Hest
      along with his new one, The Greenroom Sessions
#1. Continuum, John Mayer (radio version)
      A friend game me this album but a copy of it recorded on the radio In LA with John himself talking in-between every song give some brief explanation. It’s pretty sweet!

Honorable mentions go out to Brand Heath and his new album Don’t Get Comfortable, The Daylight and their amazing little EP, Shift and Blur, Phil Whickman’s self entitled album and Jason Morant, Open. All really really good. You should google them!

I also listened to a couple Rob Bell message, solid as usual.