A good Muslim conversation…

Well I just got an e-mail today, it started with these words, “if your a Muslim don’t delete.” I get plenty of, “If you love Jesus you will read,” bla, bla bal, CRAP… but the Muslim chain letter is new.

But I guess that’s what you get when your sisters are Muslim.

A few weeks ago 2 of my sisters e-mailed me and wished me a happy barakt or something like that. It was the end of Ramadan and a celebration for them as Muslims. My one sister Susana fasted during Ramadan, a Muslim practice during the season. She explained their fast to me, they fast during the day while the sun is up. During the night they eat a meal and before the sun rises they eat a meal as a family. And then at the end of Ramadan they celebrate by feasting! Similar to our advent season and things like that.

Anyway, I have been pretty intrigued with my Muslim family roots so I have been reading a little. My cousin Shpetim gave me a copy of the Noble Qua’an so I have been reading that a little. And I just got a couple books on Islam as well; The Pocket Idiot’s guide to Islam and I also picked up A Very Short Introduction to Islam.  I am learning some pretty interesting stuff and most important I feel like I am learning how to love my family that happens to be Muslim.

Following God