A celebrity coffee shop day…

When in Nashville I see pseudo famous people all that time and every once in awhile a real famous person.  But you know the Christian or indie musician that most the world has never heard of but in the Christian subculture is like a movie star. Well today in the coffee shop (the moon monkey, Bourbonnais IL) I ran into Toby Mac. Who knows his real name but it’s the dude from DC Talk. He was hanging out on the second floor of the Moon Monkey with his entourage, just chillen for most of the day. Pretty regularly people (probably from Olivet -- A Christian University and subculture / bubble of it’s own) came into the coffee shop, all with a noticeable excitement and giggle in their voice. They would trot up the stairs only to come down flailing their hands and talking speedily to their friends.

One Girl: this girl went up stair and then came down and said, “OH MY GOD IT’S HIM!” She then order a drink trying to stay calm but frantically and frequently turning her head to see if Toby was coming down the stairs, seemingly worried that he might leave before she got the opportunity to go ask him some life altering question.

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My guess is that she was trying to think of the question from the moment she saw him, you know a really good, profound and spiritual deep question so with this one question Toby Mac would look at her sincerely and say, “your deep and you love God, I can just tell. We should exchange numbers and be best friends. And oh yea, here are free tickets to my show.”

I know this is what she was thinking because, ashamedly I thought this way when I was engrossed in the Christian subculture. My victory and freedom came when I was in Chicago and ran into another guy from DC Talk. I walked up to him at the street corner and said, “What’s up dude, you live in Nashville right?” I was fairly positive it was him. And then I blanked, so I asked him, “What’s your name?” He replied politely, “Michael.” It was Michael Tate and he was on his way to a U2 concert that night, I was in town for the same reason so we chatted about that for a minuet and then went our separate ways. I had forgot his name, I wasn’t even trying to play “cool” I had just forgot his name. It was my victory, declaring, “I am no longer a slave to the man, the man whose name is Christian subculture / consumerism.” I am by no means free yet but thankfully would consider myself a slave any longer.

Back to the “One Girl” story…
So our excited friend orders her coffee and then proceeds to turn and run up the stairs. She attempts to only hit every other stair thinking, “I’ve got the question, Toby here I come!” The faster the better. But she couldn’t avoid the third step, it catches just the tip of her toe like a magnet catches a pin or like one of those buzzing lights catches a fly, ZAP, only she does make a crackling, zap sound like a fly, rather she make a nice loud “THUD” sound as she tumbles up the stairs. She doesn’t hesitate, she jumps to her feet and continue to run up the stairs, skipping every other step and raising her legs extras high.

It’s one of those moments when you don’t want to laugh so you just turn away quickly and act like you didn’t see it, you know those moments, you have been in one yourself, we all have. I just wonder if that fall knocked the wind out of her? Did she still ask the question? Did they exchange phone numbers? Who knows, but at least there was a sighting, that’s enough to talk about for awhile, that’s enough to tell stories about for a lifetime.

There was a sighting, always good times!

Sitting at my table
(minding my own business ;-)  -- kinda