The U.P. and revival…

This week I have been processing last weeks revival in Picford Michigan, with New Horizons Church of the Nazarene.  Pickford is in the U.P. (upper peninsula) and about 20 min. from Canada. So close to Canada that tons O people use eh’ with a great far northern accent. I love it!

But the church runs about 70 or 80 on a Sunday  and brought me in to preach for their revival services Sunday through Wednesday. We had a great time as we journeyed through the Lords prayer, talking about one section every night.

I feel like typically a revival is a preacher coming in, preaching some fiery messages & stirring people to recommit / revive their relationship with God. This is and has been a valuable thing for churches for many years. But from my perspective the old time revival is losing steam fast. The majority of the people that come to a “revival” Monday -  Wednesday are the most committed people in the church. SO my thought is what if we trained them? What if we took the week to energize them to live out the teaching of Jesus in some deeper ways, really profoundly focusing on discipleship issues instead of primarily aiming to stir things up.

If we were focusing on discipleship and going deeper last week I do believe we succeeded. We walked through the Lords prayer and learned together how to really pray it not just say it. I had many people tell me, “I haven’t heard it said like that” or “That will help me to go deeper in my prayer time”. That is discipleship, that is energizing the church to pray and live out the teachings of Jesus.

Weather we call it revival or not we were revived, we grew, we learned, we were energized! I do believe!!!


PS -- if you would like some creative resources to incorporate the Lord’s prayer into your daily life to and check out our page entitled, creative ways to pray the Lords prayer. ENJOY!!!