Reading the story…

Have you ever just read the story? The story of our genesis all the way to the story of our renewal?

Have you ever just read the story?

Do you ever just read the bible? How much do you read? How often do you read it?

I heard a guy talking, Ray Vanderlaan (I have mentioned him before -- I might have called him Art, funny story!) but he was telling a story about his time at a Jewish seminary. He sat among these Jewish students and found that he was the only student who didn’t have the entire old testament memorized. I said that right, memorized. Not just read but known, by heart, every verse. He talked about his feeling of embarrassment. He went on to say that his Rabbi / teacher at the school made a comment saying, “if you claim to be a student of Jesus, calling him your Rabbi and don’t read every one of the gospels, his teachings at least one a month you should be ashamed to call yourself his disciple.”

Like you are probably thinking, I thought, WOW! What an amazing challenge, I SUCK!!! Now I understand some of you are probably prone to guilt, don’t feel guilty, feel challenged and encouraged that you have a lot to learn and Jesus wants to teach you. The big question is, how bad do you want it? But once again DON’T FEEL GUILTY!!! That is not the desire of our rabbi Jesus. He just wants to love us and teach his way. Guilt is not in his repertoire.

But I have been asking myself that...  how bad do I want it? So I have been trying to read a gospel account of the teachings of Jesus every week. Yea, I am failing miserably to be honest. I haven’t got one finished in a week yet. And I started with Mark! But I am not feeling guilty just challenged, understanding I have a lot, A LOT of room to grow as a disciple of Jesus!

Well, I also just started reading “Walking The Bible” by Bruce Feiler, it’s really really good so far. One of the things that he mentions in the beginning of his book is that he really wanted to get familiar with the story in the torah, the fives books of Moses and in the bible in general. So he read the bible! IN A MONTH!!! He admits it was hard but he did it, he read the bible in one month.

Another challenge!

So I think I am going to do that! I think I am going to take a month, maybe December (I might start in November) and just read the bible. Put down the other 5 books I am reading right now and just read the story I claim to be apart of. Just read our story, read the bible.

I’ll let you know how it goes.
But I will tell you what, I want it! And I want to want it more! You know what I mean!