Lots to blog about & a quote for the day…

Well I have a ton of cool stuff to blog about (as usual I am behing)

*** I met Shane Claiborne and had a cool chat with him.
*** I had a brief e-mail conversation with Erwin McManus.
*** Spent a week in California chillen and running into cool people.
*** Finished reading some cool books.
*** Saw a extordinarily provocative film (recommended by no other than Shane Claiborne).
*** And the list goes on…

So yea, lots coming hopefully sooner than later.

But for now, here is a quote from Sojourners that I thought was pretty interesting. What do you think?

"Some of us have been reluctant to speak of our faith in the political arena ... because we can see a danger that people deeply rooted in faith will seek to use God rather than be used by God."

- Tennessee State Sen. Roy Herron (Source: The Christian Science Monitor )