Like honey & sticky fingers...

A post to go with my pervious post, it’s about honey.  SWEET!!!

This also blew me away!!!

In the Jewish tradition (not sure if they still do this) they would sit their beginner students down with a torah scroll in front of them (kids that were probably around 6 years old). They would place the torah in front of them and then place honey on the tips of their fingers. Honey was somewhat rare, a delicacy of sorts. So they would place it on the tips of the young students fingers, I can just imagine how they would react, huge eyes, saliva drip from the corners of their mouths just waiting for their teacher to give them the go ahead to eat the honey. The teacher would wait a moment and then pointing at the torah scroll say, “may these words be like honey on your tongue.”  And the students would lick their fingers clean.

I can just imagine, later that day or even the following day catching a young student licking his finger hoping a little honey would be left over or that the sweet taste would linger on his fingers, just hoping for a miracle of God that he can brag to his friends about. But then you see him pull the finger out of this mouth with a slight look of disappointment then an immediate smile of remembrance thinking, “nope, but I sure can remember how sweet it was!” And then you think, “I hope he learns to want the words of God like that!”

I want to want the words of God like that! To read the scripture because they are like honey on my tongue!

Licking my fingers!!!

thanks again Ray Vanderlaan!