In the air again…

Well I am on a plane as a write, on my way to San Diego. Looking forward to hitting the beach, enjoying the warmth, eating some good food, taking some more pictures, seeing some friends and most of all seeing Andrea! It’s been about a month since I have seen her, the month mark is always a hard one, my bones start to aches like I am growing to fast and not getting enough of something my body needs. Bottom line, I miss her a TON! In case you are thinking about getting involved in a long distance relationship here are my words of wisdom, DON’T! It’s hard, you can do it, it’s possible but if there is ANY other way do it do it that way! I am getting ready to move out to San Diego in the next couple months, just trying to work out the details. I am more than ready for the distance to be deflated, I can’t wait! SO yea, if you know anybody that needs a roommate in the San Diego area let me know, I’m looking.

Well I just flew out of Denver, it was “dumping” as they would say when I lived in Vail. For those you of you that lack mountain experience “dumping” is just a trendy way to say, it was snowing a lot. It was my first snow of the year. I wanted to jump outside quick and ball up my first snow ball and toss it at some unsuspecting kid, nail him in the face and then laugh really hard until he retaliated and smoked me in the face with another well packed snow ball to complete the experience. That would have been fun but instead I just waited, read and waited some more.

I am reading Walking the Bible by Bruce Feiler. It’s my first read of a New York Times Bestseller so I guess I am excited about that? I understand why it is a bestseller, it’s really good and really creatively well written. So yea, that’s good.
(I did just find out Donald Miller’s book Blue Like Jazz just make the New York Times Bestseller list, but does that really count since I read it before it hit the list? Hmmm…)

I will give you some of my thought as I read Walking the Bible, it says some pretty interesting things. It’s also challenging me to read more of the story, more of our story, the Bible. I think I mentioned that recently but yea, I think  I am going to start. I’ll keep you updated on that…

First interesting fact from the pages of Walking the Bible;
“The bottom deck (of Noah’s Ark), analysts assert, must have been empty, because according to zoologists at the San Diego Zoo (where else!), during their year aboard the ark the animals would have generated eight hundred tons of manure.”

Eight hundred tons of manure! That’s A LOT of crap!!!
Now that’s an interesting fact!