Herding Ducks…

Life is crazy, what’s new right?!?! But yea ,things are a little extra crazy these days, I just feel like I have a 100 things going at once. I am sure many of you can relate!

This is how I am explaining my life these days…

You know how most people try and get their ducks in a row? Yea, well I have too many ducks to get in a row so I am just trying to herd them. Herding ducks… that my life. Trying not to let any opportunity slip through my fingers or dreams fall through the cracks or as the analogy goes -- ducks fly “the coup” or “the park” or the… whatever.

If you read this and know me I would ask for your prayer (and if you don’t know me, you can pray to. Trust me I need it!) Just pray that I would give my time & attention to the things that are the most valuable, the most immediate needs, the farthest reaching good, and that I would give my time & attention to the dreams that are closest to the heart of God. Thos are the things I don’t want to miss out on. But whenever you have too many things on your plate there is always a chance that something important is going to get overlooked.

I have noticed in the life of Jesus he keeps moving. Especially as I read the gospel of Mark it is apparent that he has a plan, a purpose, a destination he is focused on getting to. He does a ton of incredible ministry on the way but he is always moving toward his end goal, the cross. There is even times when is seems like there is still need in this town or that town but he must move on, he is on his way somewhere. It’s as if Jesus can’t do it all. (maybe that’s why he was making disciples -- just a thought) -- (oh yea, remember… he then told his disciples to make disciples. That an important note.) -- (one last think, you are one of those disciples.) But yea,  Jesus doesn’t heal every person or feed every mouth, he does a lot but he decides to entrust us with the rest. If Jesus didn’t try to do it all neither should I, neither should we!

This is an important thing for me to catch these days as I am reading the book of Mark.

// Jesus, lead me to the places where I should give me life! Teach me to be your disciple, filled with your purpose, show me where to give my breath so that your living give breath may fill hearts and lives.