Guide to vote…

Often Christian have made voting only about a few issues, you know the “big moral issues”. But it seems for the follower of Jesus there are more issues than abortion and gay marriage. Now I think those are very important issues but for the Christian they are not the only issues. For me I think a lot about poverty, stopping violence, equality… these kind of things are or should be issues on the heart of the followers of Jesus.

I will admit I have not voted in awhile. Partly because I don’t know the candidates or the issues and partly because I am not in one place long enough to vote.

I ran across this voters guide put out by Sojourners, it brings to light issues that should concern Christian when they go to the polls.

Or download here the "Voting God's Politics" issues guide.
Download VGP_Issues_Guide.pdf

If nothing else it’s an interesting read and might be a help to you. Enjoy, and in the words of P Diddy -- vote or die -- and I would add -- or something! I guess I should have been dead along time ago.