Beating up the pastor...

This is a PS to the post above.

I just had to brag a little big about beating pastor Craig in one-on-one basketball. Tuesday afternoon we headed out the courts in the booming town of Pickford, MI. (population around 3000). We had a pretty large crowd in attentence for the match up of the year, at least in Pickford it was. (our crowd was one furry & all to friendly cat). But yea, we play 2 full games and i must admit, it was a hard fought battle but i prevailed in both games. (the third game we only played to 11 -- half a game really -- so we won't count that one. ;-)
SO yea, in the 2 full games i came out on top boths times!
it's good to know i still got the touch  ;-)

Cheers to basketball and vitory!