Another wedding,

Another wedding I was in that wasn’t my own! My friend Emily, I don’t know how to spell either of her last names but she got married. It was a great occasion to get together with friends and celebrate something that was truly beautiful.

There were a lot of reasons why this wedding was beautiful. The obvious of course, a good friend of mine had found love, that’s a beautiful thing! Cory, her now husband is an incredible guy and I am extraordinarily happy for both of them. It’s always beautiful to me to see two families coming together, seeing God act in a mysterious way to connect people in a way that only faith and mystery can explain, it gets me every time. Yes I cry, in a very manly way of course.

Another beautiful thing about this wedding was another apparent blurring of lines. There are lines that blur between man and women, family lines, social status and many other things that you can see at weddings but in this wedding there were racial lines that were being blurring. Cory and Emily are a mixed couple and as their families entered the church to celebrate a beautiful day it was incredible to be able to seat (I was an usher) people of different skin colors and backgrounds next to each other. It was great to see black and white hugging and smiling, shaking hands and celebrating together. You see, in the church we don’t often see these visible differences overcome. Instead, to often we let color and back ground, social status and economic position segregate us and keep us from living and worship together.

I think God’s vision for his kingdom sees absolutely NO sin colors or economic position. There are cultural and ethnic traditions we should embrace and hold on to but our differences should connect us and not separate us, that is a kingdom vision. When we let things divide us we let fractures in the Kingdom continue and even grow. We are called to be a people who are bringing the Kingdom to come on earth, we are repairing those cracks in the Kingdom, bringing heaven to earth. That’s God’s vision for us as followers of Jesus and citizens in his Kingdom.

I saw some spackle tossed around this weekend. I saw, if even in just one family, some cracks in a Kingdom filled and heaven invading earth in visible and colorful ways! It was absolutely beautiful!!!

And I read scripture in the ceremony! I was scared as… well you know, I was scared A LOT! I don’t understand but when I do ANYTHING in a wedding I freak out, get uber nervous and feel like my heart is going to jump out of my throat. I am pretty positive I will pass out when I perform my first wedding ceremony, I’ve avoided it todate. If I were you I wouldn’t ask me! Just so ya know…

Be Peace