60 min & Darfur...

Well i ran into news about Darfur awhile ago, i think i put a blog up about it awhile back but the new is spreading these days and last night ABC, 60 min. did a special about it. I wasn't able to watch but below is a little video clip from them -- you can also check it out at;


But i would be interested if any you actually caught the 60 min episode on Darfur and what you thought. I am going try and find it and watch it.

But this genocide is one of those things that it's hard to know what to do. I have been getting e-mails for the past year or so, i have e-mailed senators and signed lists / petitions but still don't feel like i have really done anything. I'm not sure what to do but I know injustice and I know hell when i see it. From what I do see, I see it in Darfur.

Be Peace


SaveDarfur.org has a post called "Darfur on “60 Minutes”" that's worth checking out...

“SEARCHING FOR JACOB” It hardly seems possible, but the genocide in Darfur is taking a turn for the worse. The government in Sudan has launched a new offensive, maybe trying to finish what it started three years ago. More…