To have a voice…

Have you found your voice? I hear A LOT of people but I don’t think many have really found their voice. Sometimes I wonder if I have found my voice.

I was on the To Write Love On Her Arms myspace page. There is also a website – but it’s really incredible the voice that they / he has found. I have met plenty of students who seemingly suffering from depression and I have also met enough, to many young girls who are cutters and I would love to write love on their arms.

Here’s the thing.

I don’t want to be just a trendy activist. I don’t want to just jump on every bandwagon that is out there. I want to find my own voice and speak for the cause that God lays on my heart and stand up for the marginalize that God brings across my path.

Is that dumb? Is that selfish? Is that kinda trendy in and of itself?

I don’t know. I just know I want to back things I believe in. I don’t want to jump on board just because famous people are wearing the t-shirt or because Bono talks about it at his concerts. But I also don’t want to NOT join a cause just because I didn’t think of it first.

I desire to speak a word, to have a voice for those need a voice, for thoes who need hope, who need a life giving word. God use me however you might want!