Well I finally started reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell. I have looked at bits and pieces but to date haven’t taken the time to read the whole thing. I kinda consider myself a loose attendee of Mars Hill, I listen to the teaching weekly for the most part and participate in other things when possible. I know there is some controversy that comes with Rob Bell and Mars Hill but I feel like most of the critics haven’t really give Rob a fair shot, or haven’t given this community a fair shot. YOU SHOULD!

Now, unfortunately I would consider myself a semi-professional critique and fighting with everything in me not to get to the professional status. This is especially true when it come to theological dialog and church kinda things (like how good a church service is). It’s bad I know and I pray against my critical attitude every time I go to a new church. But I have been to Mars Hill and have my critiques but it just seems like they are doing something really right and something very in-line with the heart and direction of God. But that’s just my opinion.

So yea, I am reading the book… it’s pretty solid so far, almost half done.

I am reading a few books right now, and have a few books that I need to unloads some thoughts about (Donald Miller’s To Own a Dragon being on the top of the list -- great book, we’ll chat about it soon). So yea, hopefully the chat will happen soon.