International hit…

Small_red_1Well I am not sure if all of you know but the new site is up and running, erik willits ministries. I still have a few things I want to dial in; video, audio, pics, ect… some stuff like that but for the most part WE ARE  LIVE!!!

And with my new site I have a tracker, letting me know how many people view my site and giving me all those kind of stats. But one of the really cool things that I can see with this site tracker (google analytics -- that’s the tracker site, you should get it! It’s sweet!) I can see where people are viewing my site from. There is a cool little map and their geographical local pops up on the map as a little dot. It’s my favorite little feature! But yea, I got an international hit. I thought it would be from Canada, I have a few friends in Canada but oh no, they are slackers haven’t even looked at my new site yet. Nope, the international hit was from Cote D’Ivoire -- Abidjan (West Africa).

I was pretty stoked about that! My first international hit!
We’re going global!!!

So yea, check out the site for yourself ( let me know what you think. I would love the feedback!


--> here's the home page image, enjoy!