I am a huge Seinfeld fan. In college I would watch an hour of Seinfeld every night after dinner and ping-pong. It was more or less ritual for a year or two. In numerous episodes of Seinfeld George goes by his fake name, Art Vandalay. I can’t remember the exact episode and the story line that started it, it had something to do with Kramer and needing to have a fake business name or something like that.

Well in my pervious blog I was telling you about Art Vanerlaan. Yea, that’s not his name. I got his name and George’s alias confused. I thought it was pretty funny when I realized it. His name is actually Ray Vanderlaan not Art. You an read more of this stuff and order his video teachings at follow the Rabbi .com. (I had that part right.)

Anyway, I thought it was funny enough that I didn’t change my pervious post but instead let you in on my blunder.

Enjoy the laugh…