Blown away by the Rabbi...

I listened to a teaching by Art Vanderlaan and was completely blown away!!! He was teaching at Willow Creek (one of the few mega churches I highly respect -- also one of the few mega churches I know much about, to be fair to the other ones).

His teaching was on discipleship and it was absolutely amazing!

For those of you that know who Rob Bell is, Art Vanderlaan is kinda the Rob Bell before Rob Bell. I have always had tons of respect for Rob Bell because of the biblical insight he has and his ability to pull things together from all over the text and it’s context. Well Art Vanderlann (who I hear was good friends with Rob Bell at one time and taught often at Mars Hill Bible Church in the early days), he is like Rob Bell on crack… he takes the culture, geographical context, Jewish tradition and teaching and then he brings them into the light of Jesus and his teaching, exposing things that are absolutely profound!

I won’t get into the details of this teachings because I plan on listening to it about 10 more times (it’s an hour and a half teaching) and when I listen to it more I will share more of my thoughts with you. For now I just want to share how it challenged me to really be a disciple, to give my everything in my follow of Jesus and his teachings. I am challenged to want it in an increasing way, to hunger and thirst for bread of life, the teachings of Jesus and then to live them out, to live Torah!

Yea, I am challenge, I am also humbled that Jesus would pick me, and I am excited that he believes in me enough to pick me. After all a Rabbi wouldn’t call a disciple to follow him unless he believe in that disciple, believing he could live the life the Rabbi was living!

Jesus believe in me, WOW! Jesus calls you, believes in you and enables you!!!


Looking to be cover in the dust of my Rabbi

PS -- Art Vanderlann is the mind behind the website follow the rabbi .com ( It’s worth a look see, lots of good stuff to read.