A little Continuum anybody…


I have been listening to John Mayers new album Continuum non-stop since I got it the other day. In short it’s a great, chill, melodic album. In no so short, it’s a very grown-up, mature album by (kinda) pop star John Mayer.

I remember listening to Mayer’s debut album Room for Squares, it was incredible, I probably listened to it for 3 months straight. It was hooky, poppy and all the other things that young college kids want to hear. Well I have aged a few years and it seems like Mayer has to. I feel like this album reflects how Mayer has grown-up with this audience. If he released another squared room album or something like that I would probably like it but not nearly as much as the 19 year old college girls. But Mayer is 28 now and is writing music for us, the late 20’s crowd (which I hate to admit I am apart of -- it makes me realize the three 0 crowd is right around the corner).

Anyway, this album is really freakin good, you should go get it yesterday it’s that good. If your in college or even high school, you’ll probably like it but go pick up Mayer’s Room for Squares album and then wait a few years for this one. I don’t feel like this album has many hooks as his previous albums but it flows so well and reflects his jazz, R&B love that it will hook you plenty, it has me.


PS -- this is my first attempt a real CD review or something… There is REAL review of this album and other info in the latest Rolling Stone, check it out, it’s pretty.