Root Canal & Prison Break...

Well I finally got my root canal done. I equate my experience to Prison Break, I have been watching a lot of Prison Break these days, trying to catch up. But in one of the episodes, Lincoln (who is on death row) finds himself sitting in the electric chair, strapped down just waiting for the electricity to pulse through his veins and take his life. At the last minuet (of course) the call comes in and they postpone the execution.

I drove to Rockford, 45 minuets of contemplating how much this is going to hurt,.. am I going die? Are they going to drill my face off?? Crap this is going to hurt!!! I finally to the dentist and they say,  “oh we don’t take your insurance.” Oh great, thanks! So I go and make another appointment for 2 days later. It was like I was ushered back down the hall to sit in a cell (my car) until they were ready to finally drill my face off. Horror I tell you, sheer horror.

Well they finally did it, they drilled my face, root canal done! And to be honest, it wasn’t that bad at all. The worst part was the shot that really did numb my face off! But other than that it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t any worse than getting a filling or something like that done.

So I guess in the end I escaped the death sentence as well! Until next time!!!