Alaska, what should I say about Alaska? First off, I was pretty taken back by the beauty of Alaska. I saw some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen during these past 2 and a half weeks. I guess I’m not sure what I expected. I saw more then whatever it was I expected, that’s all I know.

On top of all the beauty was the beauty to 2 youth camps. These camps were markers for the movement of the Spirit. I believe there will be students for years to come who point back to these camps and remember what God did during these times. They really were great. I pray during every camp that God would move in a way that would be undeniably him. You couldn’t explain the events of the week any other way then to say God was doing His thing! I have to say at these camps God did His thing. Lives were changed, students responded, the movement of the Spirit was undeniable. I will post some picture from the Alaska district Jr. and Sr. high in my summer 06 photo album, check em out soon!

Out side of camp Alaska was spectacular. My first Sunday in Alaska I went to a little church of 20, a seemingly normal church size in the woods of Alaska. But after a nice little service me and Bob (camp director and new Alaskan friend) headed out to Talkeetna (I’m sure I spelled that wrong, what’s new, deal with it!) We took a little jet boat up the river to get a good view of Mt. McKinley or Denali, whatever you want to call it, the great one! We were praying for clear skies, it had been cloudy for the last few days and if its cloudy you can’t even see the mountain. To be honest the trip was a little touristy for me, I’d rather experience real Alaskan life, really see and experience what’s going down but I also wanted to see Mt. McKinley, which happens to be the tallest mountain in North America. Our boat guide told us it had only been clear 8 day of the entire summer and that 90 percent of the people who pay for this little trip never see the top of the mountain because it is so cloudy. I’ll just say we were lucky then because it was one of the clearest days and the mountain was absolutely breath taking. Honestly, seeing it made me want to get closer and actually climb it. Maybe not all 20 thousand plus feet but at least 10 - 15 thousand feet of it, I figure I could climb that much without my lungs imploding. Yea, it was incredible.

The second weekend though is when it got good! After the second camp I drove with the Valdez crew 8 or so hours to Valdez Alaska. Incredible drive! I preached in Valdez Sunday morning and then they flew me back to Anchorage Sunday afternoon so that I could preach at Souljourn Church, a church plant that meets at the UAA, University of Anchorage Alaska. The fog rolled in Sunday afternoon though and my plain got delayed, an unforeseen blessing. I was really getting nervous about the weather delay, thinking I wasn’t going to be able to fly, hence missing my preaching opportunity for Sunday night. It ended up that the flight was delayed just long enough for me to participate in the Sunday afternoon pot luck and then off to the airport and into Anchorage with plenty of time to spare! Absolutely perfect timing. Good thing God’s in charge! And I don’t say that trivially, maybe He does care about those details… still thinking about it! Either way it was awesome and worked out perfectly.

Then Monday mighty Joe Young and I took a little adventure, real Alaska! My favorite part of the trip. For one the drive was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I felt like I was seeing Hawaii rather than Alaska, mountains and water, pretty amazing. But we headed down to Seward Alaska where we met up with pastor Blair. Blair is the pastor of the Nazarene church in Seward and he is also a local pilot. He owns his own little plain and took Joe and I up for out first little plain ride ever. It was incredible, something that just any tourist doesn’t get to do but we had the opportunity and it was awesome. I could try and explain but instead I will just post some pictures. Maybe you will get a glimpse of the beauty I saw, probably not but use your imagination.

I would explain every picture but this post is already long enough, just check out the pictures and enjoy!