A weekend in Nashville...

Well I was able to spend this last weekend in Nashville. Just enjoying a place that really feels like home (most of the time).  There aren’t really any places these days that feel like home. I have lived out of  my car since May, my mother sold my house in May (I had lived there since I was in Jr. High -- 12 years of so…) and that’s about all I’ve got. So these days I honestly feel homeless. So being in Nashville, the place I have called home for the last 2 years was really good.

I rolled into town early Saturday and picked up a months worth of mail. It was ridiculous, I now realize why they have to cut down so many trees, JUNK MAIL! Then I just hung out with some good friends before going to show that night. A couple of my friends were playing, Andy Davis & Dave Barnes, in between them a guy names David Mead played, he was pretty good and over the show was incredible. Dave Barnes was the headliner, he played with a full band and they sounded incredible! I love the Nashville music scene that’s for sure!

Then Sunday morning I went to my “other” home church, Brentwood Church of the Nazarene. I still give Freeport Naz. My home church title but Brentwood has really been my home church for the last 2 year as I have lived in Nashville and it was extraordinarily good to be back, see familiar faces and just be fed! Spiritually and physically, we had a potluck / back to school dinner after church. Church potlucks are never short of amazing!!! And free… we all know I like free!!! I was also made to feel at home when Pastor Allen Clark stepped to the platform for announcements, I catch his eyes and he proceeds to announce that I am at church and still not married, asking me, “are you still single...” in front of the entire church. No place but home can the pastor publicly give you a hard time and it be ok! It was funny, everybody laughed and I felt at home.

It was great to be in Nashville and a little sad to think I won’t be calling it home for another year.

But life goes on and people move on to bigger, sunnier, prettier places. Cali here I come!

(for now)