A summer almost complete…

Well another summer has come and gone (almost).

It’s like a like eating the best cake that your taste buds have ever experienced but you eat it all in one sitting. You have sat down for what seemed like forever and only moments, all at the same time. You just finished the last bite and think to your self, “am I really finished?” That was amazing but WOW, I am spent, I couldn’t eat another bite or my entire body would explode with the force of a nuclear explosion.” And even thought it was simply amazing you can’t believe you did it and wonder, “why in the world did I do that?” But the second after you say, “I will NEVER do that again, I am just to exhausted, spent, fried, run down,” you then think, “I need to start planning the next time because, WOW that was amazing!”

Yea, it’s like that! I am completely spent and almost can’t imagine doing it again; 7 camps, 2 months, 60+ sermons, countless hours of every camp game you can imagine… but at the same time I can’t wait till next summer because it was so amazing!   

So my summer is almost over, I have one more trip. Its a canoe trip that should be pretty sweet.  But for the most part the summer is over and I am glad and sad all at the same time. I am at the Ancorage Alaska airport right now, waiting to fly into San Dieog on my way to Chi-town. I am SPENT! But I will get on here soon and toss up some picture from Alaska, I have some amazing pictures! And I will also share some thoughts from camp and from my time roaming around the Alaskan mountains, it was incredible.

For now I will just say, peace out! Time to sleep on an airplane… oh fun!!!