So Cal…

Cali came and went and I miss her already ;-)

I spent 2 weeks in Southern California, one week with friends -- one “friend” in particular and then I spent another week with a bunch of crazy kids at the Southern California District Jr. High camp. I’ll share a few bits about my 1st week in So Cal along with some San Diego pictures later but for now I just want to give a shout out to all my new friends from camp.

This was my 3rd camp of the summer and it was great! There were some unique challenges at this camp and there were times I really wondered, “what is up!?!?” Things didn’t seem to be clicking and I wondered if the students were really tracking with the teaching and the evening messages. We had lots of distractions with little kids yelling all around us (gotta love kids camp), 100 degree heat in our meeting room / sanctuary and really any time you get 160 - 170 jr. highers together you are going to have some attention deficit disorder going on. But little by little I could see the students connecting and I could really sense the Spirit paving the way.

The final night of camp we talked about being a religious poet and we ended the service with prayer and worship. This was the evening that things really “clicked.” Students worships and responded to God. I began to reflect on the week and realize that in the cloudiest of times, the times when things aren’t going like you want or expect God is still moving, paving the way, teaching students how to love and follow.

I have recently been reading the book of Ruth, it’s starts off with most the family dieing and all that is left if 3 women, who in that culture don’t have much value. Lots to think about in that story but maybe the redemption God brings about in the darkest of times is the most beautiful picture we have of God’s movement. I think we can see that movement of redemption all through the scripture, al through the history of the church and we still see that movement of redemption today. In a way I saw that movement of redemption and love at this camp.

So Cal Jr. High camp really was awesome! We had TONS of fun; running around it the woods - hiding and finding, swimming and skating, soaking unexpecting kids walking on the bridge, playing volleyball and other less normal games (water kickball, ice word scramble, death ball / insane dodge ball and the list goes on) And then for the old peeps in Cali we yelled at each other as I “didn’t” learn how to play MOW, a game I still can’t talked about for fear of getting cards in the mail or something.

It was good times, I look forward to hanging out in Cali again soon, meeting more people and developing deeper partnerships in ministry.

Another good camps! 3 down and 3 to go! Here I come NWIL!!! Can’t wait!


PS: I didn't get many picture so if you were at camp and have some sweet pics, e-mail them to me! -- thanks & peace!!!