Midnight ski...



Well it's well after midnight here in Alaska. The picture above was taken at 12:01 -- the midnight ski! Alaska is beautiful and tonight in Alaska was extraordinary!

I had my 1500 service of the summer!!! OK, maybe not that many but I bet I am pushing the hundreds. But tonight, once again God showed up in an incredible way. Actually he has been showing most of the week in a pretty awesome way but last night and then again tonight were nothing short of extraordinary.

I often pray for students from afar, praying that what is going on in their hearts, minds, and lives would be lasting, that it would be deep. That God would do something so deep in their lives that they couldn’t shake it. I just have a feeling tonight God did some of those life altering, lasting things in some of these students lives.

We participated in the Lord's Supper tonight. I was able to say, "This is the body of Christ broken for you. This is the blood of Christ shed for you. take and eat, live in victory!" I found myself smiling, as i spoke words of truth, words of hope and change into these students lives. i  am not sure i have enjoyed communion more than i did tonight as i knelt down and participated in the broken body, shed blood, and resurrected life of Jesus.


Well I have a lot to write about these days. I just finished Donald Millers book, To Own A Dragon. It was pretty good but pretty hard at the same time, I will share more about that later. I also finish a book last week that I have a post already written for but haven’t yet put it up. Summers are crazy. I will toss that post up later this week and let you know some of my thoughts on the Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne.

For now, I am off to bed. It’s perfectly light out and seems like it should be about 7:30 or so but oh no, it’s now… 12:46, still light but I am also still tired. Time for some pillow over my face sleep.