Another Cup...

The CUP of tennis…


While everybody is go crazy over the world cup of soccer the world cup of tennis has been going on, Wimbledon. I have been follow Wimbledon for the most part. It’s kinda hard when you live out of your car, are in a different state every week and sleep in back woods camps ground every week but to the best of my abilities I have been following the green grass world cup, Wimbledon!

It has been one of the most memorable Wimbledon I can remember. I have been a pretty serious tennis player since Jr. high and after 2 years of playing college tennis I kinda got worn out but still try and follow it as much as I can.

This Wimbledon was pretty incredible! It was Andre Agassi final tennis tournament ever and even if you don’t follow tennis you have probably heard of Andre Agassi. He, at one time brought the sport a kind of classic TV fame. There have been many other people to bring the sport into the spot light but for teenagers in the late 90’s Andre was the man! So yea, that was pretty incredible and memorable.


And then today was the Singles final! Roger Federer, once again took home the cup or trophy, whatever you want to call it. It’s impressive to win Wimbeldon period but this is Federer’s 4th Wimbledon, IN A ROW!  And he didn’t just win you dominated like I have never seen before. Usually at Wimbledon some no name give the champ and run for his money but Federer only lost one set the entire tournament and that was in the finals! Domination!!! Pretty amazing.

Anyway, another Wimbledon, the green grass cup as I like to call this year, has come and gone and in my opinion was the sporting event of the month. But I do suppose I should find out who one that other cup.