Low dark clouds…


Well I drove most of the day, spending the majority of my time listening to Damien Rice, Jake Randle, and David Gray and any other melancholy mix I could get my hands on. I also spent a large portion of my drive (4 + hours today, 7 yesterday) praying. But I will tell you what, low dark clouds will effect your prayer time. Some times it’s hard to pray with excitement and positive emotion when there is no sun shining. I have an incredibly exciting week ahead of me, I am speaking at a Jr. and Sr. high camp for students who live in the Indianapolis area. It’s going to be awesome and I have been praying a lot for them and for the camp but today my prayers were a little less bright, maybe a little more honest but altogether strong. I had a good time praying despite the GRAY!

I will continue to pray for this camp and the rest of the camps on the ministry agenda this summer. I am excited to share some of the things I am learning from James and the Lord’s Prayer in Mathew. But I am also excited to see the sun this week, to share in the warmth and be transformed by his love.

Thinking & praying