A weekend with the boys...


Well I spent a weekend with the boys because my best friend Brad was getting “hitched”. Ok, I will say it the polite way, he was getting married. But you have to understand, he is my best friend, we have had many adventures together; moved all over the country, random road trips, last min Dave show in states we had never been to, delivering pizza’s in the metropolis of Marseilles IL, cruising the strip in Ottawa, cars breaking down and / or crashing… the list goes on. All the stories! We have lots of great ones!  I think there is a tendency in the male mind to think all the adventure, all the great stories are going to end when your friends get “hitched” but as I spent the last week of Brad’s single life with him and his family I realized they’re not going to end there just going to be different, and they always say the more the merrier, so they are only going to get better.

Well I posted a  little photo album of the week, enjoy! I will also being posting some summer 06 pics soon! Keep an eye out for that!